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Who would want a 775 grain broadhead? Who’s this product targeted at?

“Trad” bow hunters and vertical bow hunters, particularly those hunting dangerous and large game, are typically the segment of the market buying heavy arrows and broadheads.

However, there are new “electro-optic” technologies coming available to crossbows that make super heavy broadheads a much more realistic option.

There are now 3 manufacturers making “smart scopes” available to crossbow hunters. These new scopes automatically calculate the firing solution (automatically calculate the arrow drop based on FPS and distance to target), and display the “aim point” in the scope. These include the following scopes:

Sig Sauer BDX (Sierra3 2.5-8X and Sierra6 2-12X)
Garmin Xero X1i Rangefinding Scope
Burris Optics Oracle X

These “electro-optic” technologies, combined with increasingly powerful crossbows, make it more possible than ever before to use heavy arrows and broadheads and still make precise hits on the target.

Some people claim that we should use light arrows because they have flat trajectories, so they miss less often, and therefore light arrows and broadheads are a better choice for hunters.

That claim is less valid, however, if the shooter avails themselves of the new “electro-optics” technologies that make all the calculations necessary to compensate for arrow drop. Even with heavier arrows and heavier broadheads, it becomes a simple exercise of just aim and shoot.

So for the first time, there are technologies available that make heavy arrows and broadheads more viable, and this is good. It’s good because, all other things being equal, heavy arrows and heavy broadheads are simply more ethical and lethal hunting tools, they deliver more energy to the target, this means fewer wounded and unrecovered game, and our ultimate goal is reducing the wounding rate as low as humanly possible.

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