Sig BDX App for Crossbows Imprecise, Here’s a Fix

We love the Sig BDX platform, but the Sig BDX App for crossbows has an accuracy problem. This article is going to discuss why and introduce a workaround. If you are a crossbow shooter using Sig Sauer’s BDX Ballistics Calculator for crossbows and you’re having trouble with downrange accuracy, one… Continue Reading…

Why Archery and Bowhunting Forums Can Sometimes be a Poor Source of Information

Many archery and bowhunting beginners turn to public archery forums like,, and hoping to learn and advance their skillsets. However, over the years, as you continue to learn and research, the more you begin to realize that forums may not always be the best place to source… Continue Reading…

Secrets to improving your bow’s accuracy.

Would you like to improve your bow’s shooting accuracy? If so, read on, because fixing this common and practically unknown problem could do just that. Over the past 2 years, Edgetac has conducted more than 700 shooting tests focused on how to improve accuracy with large broadheads. One amazing thing… Continue Reading…