Secrets to improving your bow’s accuracy.

Would you like to improve your bow’s shooting accuracy?

If so, read on, because fixing this common and practically unknown problem could do just that.

Over the past 2 years, Edgetac has conducted more than 700 shooting tests focused on how to improve accuracy with large broadheads.

One amazing thing we’ve discovered is the bowstrings that are shipping with both vertical bows and crossbows are clocking arrows LEFT, while industry-standard arrows have vanes which spin arrows RIGHT. In essense, the string and the vanes are working at cross-purposes.

The result is not ideal.

On slow motion cameras, the problem becomes quite obvious:

The arrow starts out off the bow spinning left. Then, eventually the vanes begin to show their influence, and the spin to the left slows. Then, for a while, the arrow is flying like a knuckleball, with no spin whatsoever. Finally, the arrow slowly begins to rotate right.

An arrow that isn’t spinning is like a bullet that’s not spinning. Stability and accuracy are reduced. It’s particularly an issue with large fixed-blade broadheads that already tend to steer the arrow.

If you’re interested in seeing if your bow has this problem and don’t have a slow motion camera, here is a Youtube video discussing the issue and showing how to check:

The biggest issue, however, which this video fails to point out, is that especially when firing a big broadhead, rotation is necessary for accurate flight. An arrow that’s first turning left, stopping, and then turning right is, by definition, not going to be as accurate.

Edgetac is attempting to raise awareness of this problem, and also working with one of the most respected string makers to ship strings that clock arrows right so that your arrow can enjoy knuckleball-free flight on your next hunting trip.

If you would like a string that clocks your arrows in the RIGHT direction, please let us know. Also please let us know if you found this information helpful or useful.

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