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What type of steel do you use in your broadheads?

We use a proprietary tool steel which shows high resistance to impacts, chipping, dulling, and edge chatter, while maintaining excellent edge sharpenability. We do not publish our Rockwell hardness numbers.

While it outperforms stainless steel, it is somewhat susceptible to moisture and can develop rust.

These are thick blades which will not be compromised by rust, but to avoid spots developing, some options to consider include:
– storing in a low-humidity dry box
– applying a light coat of Camellia oil (highly recommended and food-safe), or if Camellia oil is unavailable, DW-40, machine oil, Remington (Rem) gun oil, or Beoshield T-9 Rust & Corrosion Protection

Spots of rust may be easily removed with a rub of vinegar or rust remover.

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