Single bevel Broadheads – 375 grains, 3-Pack


This large single-bevel broadhead has been machined from a solid block of steel for maximum durability.

Versus standard 100-grain broadheads, it generates:
– 62% more momentum
– 182% greater wound channel volume
– 11% more kinetic energy
– 50% larger cutting diameter ( 1.5″)

Due to aerodynamic differences, broadhead does not exactly match field point flight characteristics. Broadhead should be used for final sight-in since it is durable and can be fired into any standard archery target without sustaining damage.

Comes sharp from the factory, but sharpening to a razor’s edge is recommended to maximize penetration in hunting scenarios.

Because this broadhead is so large, achieving a high degree of accuracy requires both:
– an extremely stiff arrow shaft
– a large helical feather fletching

The stiff arrow shaft prevents excessive archer’s paradox, while the large helical feather fletchings provide the necessary drag and spin to prevent broadhead planing.

With a stiff arrow and appropriate fletchings, 2MOA (±1.0 inches @ 50 yards) accuracy is possible.

Cutting diameter: 39mm = 1.5 inches
Overall length: 60mm = 2.4 inches
Blade thickness: 3.7mm = 0.15 inches.

Available in right-bevel orientation only.

The broadhead is covered by our unconditional 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee. Return it to us new or used for any reason if you are not happy with your purchase.

Includes 3 broadheads and 3 weight-matched field points.


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For crossbow hunters, Archtillery arrows are the only commercially available arrow that should be used with this broadhead. They are 300% stiffer than standard crossbow arrows and come standard with large, high drag helical feathers designed for guiding large, fixed-blade broadheads. With Archtillery arrows, this broadhead can achieve 2MOA (±1.0 inches @ 50 yards) accuracy. This broadhead, combined with an Archtillery arrow, weighs about 960 grains.


For vertical bow shooters, a 150 spine arrow is recommended, such as the Black Eagle Rampage 150 spine. Standard 300 spine arrows will exhibit excessive archer’s paradox with this broadhead and it will no longer be an ethical hunting choice.

Vertical bow hunters must employ large, high drag helical feathers with this broadhead to eliminate planing. We recommend 5.5″ Magnum Banana feathers with the maximum degree of right helical. Plastic vanes do not produce enough drag or spin to stabilize this broadhead.


Trad bowhunters should not attempt to hunt with this broadhead, but should instead select a broadhead that has a higher mechanical advantage. To learn more about mechanical advantage, click here.


Tests have shown that the right bevel on this broadhead does contribute significantly to spinning arrows right. To maximize accuracy, this broadhead should be combined with right helical feathers and a bowstring that clocks arrows to the right. Unfortunately, industry standard bowstrings clock arrows left, while ironically, nearly every commercial arrow ships with vanes designed to spin arrows right. Typically, switching bowstrings is the preferred option since changing strings is usually easier and less expensive than changing arrows. In partnership with a world-class string builder, Edgetac is the only company we are aware of that ships bowstrings guaranteed to clock arrows right.


Orienting large fixed-blade broadheads the same way prior to taking the shot, can boost accuracy. Edgetac broadheads ship with o-rings that allow the broadhead to be oriented against the insert.


Heavy arrows generate high levels of momentum. Nock failure becomes a slightly greater consideration. Additionally, arrow footers or shock collars increase arrow durability on hard impacts. Archtillery crossbow arrows come standard with carbon fiber nocks and steel footers to mitigate these concerns. Vertical bow hunters can acquire quality arrow components from companies such as Ethics Archery.


Crossbow hunters may be able to extend their ethical hunting distance by utilizing a “smart scope.” Options include:

– Sig Sauer BDX (EASY6-BDX 1-6X, SIERRA6 2-12X, SIERRA3 2.5-8X)
– Burris Optics Oracle X
– Garmin Xero X1i Rangefinding Scope


Recent test results:

Tester’s name: Rob Hummel
Bow make/model – PSE Xpedite
Draw weight: 60lbs
Draw length: 30 inch
Sight make/model: Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Double XL
Rest: Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro
Nock: Bohning
Shaft: Carnivore 250 at 28.75″
Component: Factory + 30gr Brass Screw-In
Fletching: Factory (3, 2 inch Vanes)
Arrow weight: 723gr. (arrow + factory Insert (14gr), 30 grain Brass plus 375 grain head)
FPS: 233 FPS
Group size: +/-1 inch at 30 yards
Rob reported: “I am happy with how the 375 grain flies and it grouped as well as my other heads out to 30 yards essentially matching field point consistency.”

“You should always use the heaviest arrow possible that has a trajectory that you still find acceptable.” – Dr. Ed Ashby

Bulk pricing available on request.


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Single bevel Broadheads - 375 grains, 3-Pack Single bevel Broadheads - 375 grains, 3-Pack
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