375 Grain Single-bevel Broadheads & Matching Field Points


Machined from a solid block of steel. Sharp. Ready-to-hunt.

Versus regular broadheads:
– Generates 52% more momentum*
– 50% greater cutting width
– 2X the blade thickness
– 3.8X the mass

A sufficiently stiff arrow, appropriate fletchings, and proper bow tuning is necessary to achieve accurate flight with this broadhead.

For crossbows, we recommend stiff 22-inch arrows such as Spynal Tapps from South Shore Archery Supply in Florida, or Black Eagle Zombie Slayers. For vertical bows, we recommend the Black Eagle Rampage 150 spine. Standard crossbow arrows (including the popular Black Eagle Executioner) are not stiff enough, and standard factory vanes may not exert sufficient drag and control to achieve accurate flight.

In a recent independent test, the broadhead achieved 1/2 inch groups at 50 yards from an Excalibur Bulldog 400 crossbow, Black Eagle Zombie Slayer arrows with Firenock Aerovane III vanes.

Comes with weight-matched field points for practice and tuning sights/optics without firing your broadhead.

Sold individually or in packs.

Comes sharp from the factory, and hand-sharpening to a razor’s edge by a master broadhead sharpener, is an available option. Click here to have your broadheads delivered razor-sharp.

Bulk pricing available upon request.

Cutting diameter: 39mm = 1.5 inches
Overall length: 60mm = 2.4 inches
Blade thickness: 3.7mm = 0.15 inches

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Recent test results:

Tester’s name: Rob Hummel
Bow make/model – PSE Xpedite
Draw weight: 60lbs
Draw length: 30 inch
Sight make/model: Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Double XL
Rest: Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro
Nock: Bohning
Shaft: Carnivore 250 at 28.75″
Component: Factory + 30gr Brass Screw-In
Fletching: Factory (3, 2 inch Vanes)
Arrow weight: 723gr. (arrow + factory Insert (14gr), 30 grain Brass plus 375 grain head)
FPS: 233 FPS
Group size: +/-1 inch at 30 yards
Rob reported: “I am happy with how the 375 grain flies and it grouped as well as my other heads out to 30 yards essentially matching field point consistency.”


*Energy comparison vs standard 100 grain broadhead:
(shot from Centerpoint Sniper 370 crossbow)

Light arrow (Black Eagle Executioner 22 inch arrow + 100 grain broadhead):
431 grains, 348 FPS, 0.66 Momentum, 116 KE

Heavy arrow (Black Eagle Executioner 20 inch arrow + 16 inch carbon arrow insert (7.5mm OD) to increase stiffness + Ethics Archery 200 grain .300 Adjustable Static insert + Edgetac 375 grain broadhead):
946 grains, 238 FPS, 1.0 Momentum, 119 KE

Kinetic energy increased by 4%, while momentum increased by 52%. Achieving a 52% increase in momentum is one of the primary advantages of using a high mass arrow-broadhead combination. This level of momentum maximizes the probability of a passthough and a clean kill.


Arrow stiffness & accuracy:
Depending on the power of your bow and the length of your arrows, extra-stiff arrow shafts may be helpful improving accuracy with this broadhead. The more powerful the bow, and the longer the arrow, the greater the need for stiffness to maintain accuracy. Archers may select a stiff arrow such as the Black Eagle Rampage 150 spines or the Grizzlystik TDT 170 spines. If you an archer and need assistance with arrow selection, Rob Hummel at Dynamic Archery Solutions (not affiliated with Edgetac) can assist. Rob has set up and shot Edgetac 375 and 775 grain heads accurately from his bow.

For crossbows, enhanced stiffness bolts can be constructed by taking standard crossbow arrows, which have an inner diameter of 7.62mm, and inserting carbon archery arrow blanks with an outer diameter of about 7.5mm.


Trajectory example:

Ethical hunters try to get as close as possible to their prey, ideally within 20 yards. At this range, trajectory of heavy arrows is quite managable. Assuming a zero of 20 yards and a standard power bow, drop is about 3 inches at 25 yards. Keeping ethical shot distance around 20 yards should require no major adjustment for most bow and crossbow hunters, since according to the P&Y record book, the average shot distance is already about 19 yards for whitetail.

A Centerpoint Sniper 370 crossbow will shoot a 946 grain arrow (Edgetac 375 grain broadhead, 571 grain arrow) at 238 FPS. Assuming a zero of 20 yards, here is the drop at various distances:

375 grain broadhead 100 grain broadhead
Distance (yrd) drop (inches) drop (inches)
20 0 0
25 3 1
30 8 3
35 15 6
40 23 10
45 32 14
50 44 19
55 57 25
60 71 32
65 88 40
70 105 49
75 125 58
80 146 69
85 169 80
90 194 92
95 220 105
100 249 119


For crossbows a scope with built-in drop calculations is recommended:

Sig Sauer BDX Sierra3 2.5-8X
Sig Sauer BDX Sierra6 2-12X
Garmin Xero X1i Rangefinding Scope
Burris Optics Oracle X

“You should always use the heaviest arrow possible that has a trajectory that you still find acceptable.” – Dr. Ed Ashby

Bulk pricing available on request.