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About Edgetac

Edgetac is a small family-owned business based in Tualatin, Oregon. We only make single-bevel broadheads.

Edgetac broadheads are intended for those who want to increase the momentum and lethality of their arrows, but who also understand the tradeoffs verses more conventional broadheads. Edgetac broadheads are not appropriate for most hunters for several reasons:

First, their trajectory is inferior to conventional broadheads, so depending on the speed of the bow, the hunter may need to stalk closer to the prey.

Second, they require very stiff arrows to achieve accuracy. Standard arrows and crossbow bolts flex excessively with these broadheads and accuracy diminishes.

Third, they are less forgiving with poorly-tuned bows.

We continuously collect data to determine the most accurate arrows and fletchings for Edgetac broadheads, and update our website frequently with the results of both our own tests and 3rd party tests. In the latest independent test from a respected hunter on the CrossbowNation forum, 1/2 inch groups at 50 yards were achieved with our 375-grain broadhead from an Excaliber Bulldog 400 crossbow shooting Black Eagle Zombie Slayer arrows with Firenock Aerovane III vanes.

We strive to provide as much data as possible to assist you in deploying our broadheads as accurately as possible. We ask that our clients provide us with feedback about what arrows and bow setups worked and didn't work, so that we can publish the results on our website.